How Covid-19 has affected Locksmiths and the way we must conduct ourselves.

The unprecedented COVID-19 situation has created havoc to the entire world. The year 2020 seems like a nightmare and has turned everything upside down. The worldwide lockdown has made most of the businesses to close down temporarily, including the locksmith industry. Which has resulted in the downfall of the economy. 

Though locksmiths are considered as an essential service, on the other hand a majority of them had to stop their services during this period to stay at home and stay safe from the risks of COVID-19. 

With the economic downfall happening around the world, it is difficult to understand if things will ever be the same again! However there’s one thing for sure, that in future there will be a change in the scenario in the locksmith industry. 

Effects Of COVID-19 On Locksmith Industry:

Covid-19 has affected Locksmith Industry in Portland. Here are a few points showcasing it’s effects:

1. Reduced amount of work:

Due to the outbreak of the Pandemic, they have ruled out lockdown and restrictions to move out of the house. During this difficult time, only a few locksmiths are providing their services. However, most of the people are scared to hire. As a result, there is a reduced amount of work than usual. 

2. A decrease in business size:

Many Locksmith companies in Portland have decreased their team size as there is no revenue. To avoid the expenses, only a few employees are retained to work and, there are cut-offs in the salaries too. 

3. Financial crunches:

The locksmith industry in PDX is majorly dependent on residentials and commercials. However, over 90% of the client base such as corporate offices, restaurants, malls, retail stores and more have stopped locksmith services. Therefore, there is a huge financial crunch to run the locksmith business. 

4. No scope for new customers:

With the lockdown and safety protocols, there’s no scope for new customers. however, on the other hand a few business owners are using the COVID-19 downtime as a chance to carry out repairs and maintenance. 

5. Steeper competition:

Since there are a very few businesses providing services and a fewer residential or commercial owners that require help, as a result the competition is steeper.

6. Logistics Problems:

Arranging the right tools, supply materials, and other essentials to run the business operations are certainly difficult due to logistics problems.

The COVID-19 Impact:

  • Locksmiths are the key to any kind of security to the properties they are the first and the last people in a business.
  • Businesses get in touch with their most trust-worthy locksmiths before opening or shutting down. 
  • Based on the last few months during the peak of the pandemic, residential and commercial property owners have realized how important it is to have a proper security system to their property. 
  • Though there have been a massive negative effect of COVID-19 on the locksmith industry now with a slow pace, everything is getting back to normal.
  • Locksmiths have resumed their business operations under the new normal.
  • With the new normal, residential and commercial has a huge demand for contactless security and other upgrades to keep up with social distancing standards. 

7 ways to keep your Locksmith Business ahead amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here are the 7 ways to keep your Locksmith Business ahead amid COVID-19 Pandemic:

1. Work out a new Business Strategy:

In the tough times like Pandemic, you need to protect your own business and your employees from falling apart. Strategized business planning is the first and foremost measure that you need to take along with some backup plans. Analyzing your own business to understand its strengths and vulnerabilities in facing the various scenarios will help you to prepare and change in your business protocols. 

2. Adapt your Locksmith Services to the current situation:

Locksmiths deal directly with the clients and, rely on face-to-face interaction this certainly creates a serious threat. However taking extra precautions and following all the WHO guidelines helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, when there is a requirement you should deliver the safest locksmith services to your customers by following all the hygiene standards.

3. Keep everyone in the loop:

From managers, employees to customers, in crucial situations like these it’s necessary to keep everyone in the loop. Make sure that your employees and customers at every level get notified of the changes you make to your company.

When you are in a locksmith business, you should build good relationship with your employees and customers. It helps to gain trust and be successful in the long run. You can monitor the work and send the work-related updates via e-mail and can have short meetings via video calls and respond to all the queries. 

4. Get your Locksmith Business Online:

Now it’s all digital! Most of the businesses are taking advantage of the Pandemic situation to grow their brand online. It has become a necessity as people find anything and everything on their fingertips. With the current pandemic situation, people search for the local businesses near them and the search for the term ‘locksmith near me’ has been massive hits.

Having your business online has proven to get more visibility and allows your customers to discover your business easily. Making use of Social Media and Google My Business can bring you new customers and will help you keep your business afloat. 

5. Upgrade Lock Systems:

Upgrading lock systems is another way to keep your locksmith business afloat during the Covid-19. You can get in touch with your old or existing customers and offer them with new security upgrades. In addition you can offer other lock and key services to ensure safety and security.

6. Market your Locksmith solutions with coronavirus in mind: 

Keeping the current Pandemic situation in mind you can come up with alternate and safest ways of security systems. You can promote security systems which are completely contactless like access control devices. It allows customers for the keyless entry and exit to their property and prevent from the spread of COVID-19. 

7. Get Business Assistance Grants from the Govt:

The Government of Portland is now offering grants and loans to small businesses affected by COVID-19. You can apply for the grants and get benefited to rehire your employees and run your locksmith business smoothly. The grants are for different types and sizes of businesses, you can check out here

These are the different ways to overcome the loss due to the Pandemic in order to keep your locksmith business running. As a locksmith, you must implement the above survival strategies which will not only help your business, on the other hand it will ensure to stay safe and protected.

Final Thoughts: 

Locksmith services in Portland

To sum up, we are all in an unpredictable situation and we don’t know how this situation would unfold in future. Things might get back to normal within a few days or a few months or a year down the lane. Having a planned and firm strategy in place with adaptability to the situation can help you remain successful in the market. 

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