Electronic Door Locks – Pros And Cons

We live in an era of technology and it has advanced significantly over the decades. Our current tech culture has made a “smart” version of almost everything which is used in day-to-day life. It’s used across different industries and they have slowly gotten into the locksmith industry too!

Not too long ago, the only locks people knew were the sturdy geometrical shaped ones installed to the doors with which they had to open and close the door using a key. However, with the advancement of technology, now you can find plenty of effective lock solutions to secure your property. With the plenty of advanced lock options available, you might be familiar with electronic door locks.

What are electronic door locks?

Electronic door locks are advanced door lock systems that help to secure your home in a new way. With this type of lock system, you can remotely lock and unlock your doors. They absolutely replace your usual door keys.

There are various types of keyless electronic door lock systems, such as keypad locks, bolt locks, door strikes, RFID, Bluetooth locks, biometric systems that are used to unlock the doors. These lock systems were first found on cars and now they are available for homes and businesses because of it’s cutting-edge security.

Electronic door locks work just like the traditional one’s with a latch and a bolt but here, a component called actuators are used, which is responsible for moving and controlling the bolt of the lock of the door. All you have to do is simply trigger the actuator and your door will open within seconds.

You can have both physical and electronic lock control systems on the same door. Having a physical lock and key setup can be like an emergency backup. On a daily basis, you can operate the electronic door locks using remote or a keypad to lock and unlock the door. It acts as an extra layer of security for you with all the additional functionality and convenience to use.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Door Locks:


1. Easy and convenient:

Most of the businesses, car owners and homeowners prefer electronic door locks over the traditional ones because of it’s functionality and the added convenience. Electronic door locks offer keyless entry as you don’t have to carry the keys or worry about losing them. It simplifies your entry access with just an access code.

2. Safe and high security:

Keyless locks are highly preferred by business owners and homeowners to control access to the building. Electronic locks are often combined with automated security systems to improve security where it triggers an alarm and makes it burglar-proof. Some of the modern safety features include dual control options, dual token mode, time delay options, wrong try functions, one-time use codes and more. With these modern features, you can elevate your security to the next level.

3. Easy access and monitoring:

Running a business with a large number of employees requires high security and regular monitoring. Electronic Door Locks are programmed in such a way that it not only allows people to enter and exit but also help you keep a track of the employees. This system allows you to set up different security levels and lets you customize security systems as per your requirements.

4. Automatic lock

Sometimes, there might be chances for you to close the doors incorrectly. By installing electronic door locks, you can be worry-free as it automatically locks when you shut the door without having to manually lockup with a key. It reduces the risk of the door being left open and a great way to protect your property.

5. Customization

You can create your own custom access code in different ways to protect your property. Whenever you feel like you need a new code you can change it anytime any day.

6. User-friendly

Another biggest advantage is that it’s absolutely user-friendly, and it can cater to your specific needs. You can access the door without using any key.

7. High aesthetics

Electronic door locks come with a variety of models, designs and colors. You can easily choose as per your preferences and matching the style statement of the interiors.


1. High-cost

Generally electronic door lock costs are higher than the traditional door locks. Though there are numerous options available in the market that meets every budget, one has to consider that it varies based on the different types of requirements and the quality of the product you choose. So you have to weigh up accordingly.

2. High installation effort

It requires a lot of legitimate effort by the locksmiths to assemble the electronic door locks and it’s complicated. While installing, more often the cylinders have to be measured, replaced and reassembled. If required, the wall readers have to be attached to the intercom system or even require to wire the doors. There are various electronic lock systems available in the market some are complicated and some are easier to install without any major modifications. 

3. Jamming and hacking

Another disadvantage of the electronic door lock system is security breach. There are possibilities for cyber hackers to access your electronic security system by jamming it’s functionality. They can even decode the system so it is very important for you to install electronic door locks which have effective security features to minimize the risk.

4. Power failure

One of the big concern for many people is getting locked out of the house in case of a power failure because electronic door locks require electricity to function. But now few electronic door lock systems work on rechargeable batteries they do not need electricity or an internet connection to work.

5. Same Access Code 

If you press the same access code buttons every day, the electronic door lock system starts to wear out. In order to prevent the wear and tear, you need to get in the habit of changing your passcode at regular intervals.

6. Forgetting your password

Sometimes you just forget passwords for no reason. Choosing a password that is easier to remember is suggested. It is favourable to choose some repetitive numbers or important dates. If your code is too complicated or changed too often it can be easily forgotten.

7. Non-recognition

Despite having high-end components installed the major disadvantage is non-recognition. If you choose voice recognition and fingerprint features, there are possibilities for the system to fail to recognize this happens if there’s a change in your voice or if you try to open the door with sweaty hands and sometimes may be due to some technical glitch.

Contact Locksmith Monkey for Electronic Door Lock Installations in Portland

At Locksmith Monkey, we understand the importance of security to your home, businesses or cars. We have a vast experience in providing and installing electronic door locks in PDX. We provide a wide variety of locksmith services to suit all budgets and requirements. We use the latest cutting-edge technologies with high-end features to ensure safety and security to your property. 

Our highly skilled team can recommend you the best products as per your requirements. We make sure we provide premium quality services as per industry standards to protect your business or home. Be worry-free and put your security in good hands, For more information, please get in touch with us (503) 465-4595. Our locksmith experts will assist you!

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